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CB Internals  gives you an overall breadth of the market internals.   The Internal Panel can be used to get a snapshot of the current market and a longer-term view.  The idea is to use both to say on the right side of the market.  The Internals Panel has been in development since 2016.  Over the years it has been perfected to the current version.

The Tac-O-Meter along with the Tick are the short-term view of the market.  Combined with the other CB Trend following indicators can help you stay on the right side of the market.  Turn on the audio button inside the Interals Panel for the Audio Alerts for strong buying and selling pressure.

Note: You do have to subscribe to Kinetick Basic Service data which is an additional $69.00 a month before the CB Internals will operate.  The special symbols will need to be add manually into the Instrument List before it will operate.  I have a video in the members area whichs shows you how and which symbols to add. 

CB InfoPanel Gif

CB Information Panel gives you a current snapshot of buyers and sellers.  The panel has inputs to adjust the short and long term trend.  The panel keeps track of the prior days range which is also adjustable to what a trader wishes to see.

CB ZoneChart V5

CB ZoneChart V5 is one of the main indicators.  This indicator has many settings to setup the Support and Resistance areas for the market you trade.  The updates to this indicator had been in the works for a year and now work along with CB DualTrend 2.0.    Of course the main ZoneLevels are still the main stay of this indicator.

Market Analyzer

CB MarketAnalyzer's where just released in the latest's update of the Indicator Pack.  The Analyzer's make it easy to track the stocks or futures you want to trade without going through them all one by one.   They go hand in hand with the New CB DualTrend 2.0 and CB ZoneChart V5.

CB ValueChart

CB ValueChart generates live signals on the chart of possible turning points and exhaustion.   You can insert your own audio alerts to sound off when the signal is triggered. This indicator also has been updated with the latest upgrade of the Indicator Pack.

CB ValueChart has also been integrated with DualTrend to spot pullbacks in the trend.

DualTrend 2.0

CB DualTrend 2.0 was just updated with the latest update to the Indicators.  The enhancements along with the other CB Indicator updates help you stay on the right side of the market.

CB Indicators

CB AutoDual Strategy is fully automatic with many inputs to backtest for results.  The strategy does match the CB DualTrend Indicator.   I created the strategy to test the ATR Trend and if it could be used all the time for bot trading.   In todays markets in my testing using this alone will not be profitable over a long period of time.  It does give you a insite on when it can be profitable and what to look for during those times.   I included it to give a trader a testing vehicle with many inputs on what works and what does not on trading a ATR.  It is not intended to be a stand alone trading system.


CB RangeLevels

CB RangeLevels can be customized for a trader to track support and resistance on higher time frame or use it for scalping for breakouts on lower time frames.

Ideally you want to be trading in the direction of the trend bars but it can be also used for scalping between the outer levels support and resistance levels.

CB Indicators

CB Crossover is a Moving Average Trend Indicator with multiple settings for bar color and alerts once a crossover occurs.   The indictor input has the sma, wma, ema and hma to plot.

CB Indicators

To lease CB Indicators ( $55.00 Per Month ) - Complete the following.

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Once payment is made.  Fill out the Contact Form on this website.   Be sure to include your NinjaTrader Machine ID in the message section.   Include in the contact form you made payment.

Once confirmed we will send you the enabled CB Indicators to your email.  Import them into NinjaTrader as normal.

To Cancel or Unsubscribe from this service. Email us and you will be removed from any further billing.



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• The purpose of the Indicators is to see if they fit your trade style and can assist you in your trading endeavor. I suggest to only trade in a simulator until you can prove you are profitable. You can cancel your membership at anytime. Within a month you will know if CB Indicators LLC can assist you in your trading.
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Cancellation Policy

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